About Us

Kalaya Emu Estates is a farm located near Newton,Kansas where the emus are raised naturally in a free-range environment without hormones and antibiotics; and are fed a high-quality nutritional feed, specially formulated for emus.   The business was established in 1994 for the welfare and satisfaction of our customers.

We sell a full-line of name brand emu oil products for humans and pets; USDA approved healthy low-fat red meats; leather goods; emu egg and feather craft supplies at retail and wholesale.

Throughout the year, we sell online and Farmer's Markets in the area.

We are an Accredited Emu Producer and members of the American Emu Association (AEA), Kansas Grown Farmer’s Market, and Our Local Food - South Central - Kansas.

Core Business:
     Raising emu chicks, yearlings, and breeders for sale.
     Retail, wholesale and mail order sales of American Certified emu oil, emu
     oil products, USDA inspected low-fat emu meat, blown emu egg shells,    
     feathers, products for dogs and cats, and emu leather.

     Emu Eggs for Hatching sold during egg laying season (November to March).

Locations, where our Products May Be Purchased:

    Kansas Grown Farmers Market  
    7001 W 21st Street North (21st St. North & Ridge Road)
    Wichita, KS


        (Outdoor)  (7AM-Noon)
                         1st Saturday in April - last Saturday in October

        (Indoor)    (8AM-Noon)  
                         November 11, 2017;
                         December 16, 2017;
                         January 13, 2018;
                         February 17, 2018;
                         March 10, 2018


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